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YuanBo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a new technological enterprise, which engages in development, manufacture, sale, service and so on.We are solid in technical force and have high-quality R&D team. The Chief Engineer,who is a national senior engineer and engaged in non-standard equipment for more than 30 years, leades to complete the design of each project. In Electric, we have the Professor who had taken part in"863 scientific research plan" in charge. This team works on industrial control, machine vision, and motion control. At the same time, We have strong production and manufacture, quality management and supply chains management team. All of above make sure the equipment stability , practical and efficient. We determine to be successful in the field of production automation equipment. Now,our main production is the energy of automation equipment, including a lithium battery devices, solar cells, mechanical hand.
We will make unremitting efforts in automated equipment field to produce more economical and practical equipment, and also create unlimited value for our customers. Besides, We will actively explore the international market and create a better tomorrow.
Shenzhen Bo Yuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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