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(1)The guarantee period of quality will be 12 months from the date of the preliminary acceptance signed by both parties .

(2)Under guarantee period ,at its regulations condition.we will repair or replace for free ,we disclaim all responsibility for the damage caused by misuse.but we can provide paid service on a Preferential priceprice .
(3)If necessary  ,we will send a engineer to the scene to deal with the problem within 24 hours after receiving the notice (limited to Guangdong Povince). Other provinces we will  send off within 24 hours after receiving the confirmation service.
(4)Under warranty ,We does not provide any warranty service and accessories,if  the customer  changes  device label , operation interface, display interface and  the programs.

(5)We provide advice and services,including  technical performance, installation, operator training, commissioning, troubleshooting .(The costs are determined in the contract).
(6)We take enough attention of the customers' suggestions and also survey and analyze market trends actively, Do my best to  provide customers  more efficient equipment.
(7)Out of warranty,we supply lifelong paid service for all the contracted prlducts.

For a companry, selling product is just one of the most basic needs. "Service" as a more  deeper need plays  a pivotal position in the whole system.Sales and service perfect combination can bring customers more value and enjoyment to enhance their own competitiveness.The perfect service team with the aim of "warm, timely, professional, attentiv" takes the service throughout the pre-sale, sale, after sale of the whole process. With our efforts,  the equipment can make  maximum  function, let the customer feel convenience and efficiency that automation brings.

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