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A, Bo Yuan mark

As the keynote to the ship image design, represents the Yuan Bo voyage has begun,

Blue tone, moral Bo Yuan during the voyage, the reason has the courage, never give up.

15 degree tilt fonts, contains a power forward, on behalf of the enterprises have the courage to challenge, toPinbo confidence and determination.

The overall use of angular and fluent line, representatives of enterprises and serious working attitude and modern management system.

YB design, concise theme, Y (manipulator) and B (hull) modeling blend mutually, the enterprise development and automation are closely linked.

The sign indicates a positive and pragmatic spirit of Bo yuan.

Two, Yuan Bo meaning

The earth began to yuan, "Yuan" marks a new beginning, "Bo" has a more broad meaning.

"Bo Yuan" reflects the company's potential competitiveness, infinite creativity and strong development capacity.

Three, Yuan Bo spirit

Company mission: promoting national equipment; improve the user value.

Company vision: let the automation equipment into the micro and small enterprises.

Business philosophy: to the quality of survival; to the credibility of development in science and technology innovation; benefit; setting up brand by service.

Requirements for management: be responsible for the body, self-disciplined; advocating learning, innovation;

Combat team, pay attention to details; the balance of interests, take the matter on its merits.

On the request of the staff: honest and trustworthy, diligent and thrifty; studious, good at thinking;

Active communication, serious and responsible; be thankful, sacrifice.

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